Modeling Community Erosion from Climate Change App

By Stone Environmental Inc.

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The "Modeling Community Erosion from Climate Change" application enables community members and leaders to understand the impact that climate change will have on soil erosion. It provides a basis for taking preventative action regarding infrastructure investments and soil conservation. The application is based on modeling current and future erosion with high-resolution scientific data. Over 150 GB of data are behind this App. The underlying model used is the modified universal soil loss equation(MUSLE), which incorporates soil, slope, precipitation, and land cover datasets. Future precipitation data is based on predictions from five climate models. The application was conceived and developed by Stone Environmental’s Applied Information Management team of environmental modelers, GIS specialists and programmers using multiple components of the ArcGIS platform specifically for the Climate Resilience App Challenge. The application allows stakeholders to easily locate sites that are vulnerable to erosion including public, private, forested, developed, and agricultural lands. At user-selected sites, the App models present-day and future predictions of soil loss driven by climate change. Based on the type and severity of predicted erosion, users are directed toward different soil conservation resources. The App also allows users to investigate erosion risk for a variety of future land covers. The modeled data provides information on changes in annual total erosion, seasonal variations, and soil losses due to extreme precipitation events, as well as insight into the uncertainty associated with the predictions by incorporating data from multiple climate models.


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