Street Smart LLC

Lexington, SC, United States


Street Smart™ provides a platform for law enforcement to impact crime in their communities and improve the lives of the citizens they serve. Street Smart™ provides Law Enforcement Agencies access to real time information through a streamlined interface. When combatting crime, the ability to stay connected to essential data in the field is a critical need. Our Street Smart solution is a collaborative web-based tool that allows officers to better communicate with each other. It provides actionable intelligence that enables officers to address crime more efficiently. The rapid exchange of information increases officer safety and improves the level of service provided to the community. Street Smart focusses on capturing and disseminating the key elements of an incident within minutes of its occurrence. It enhances the functionality of your current CAD or RMS system, and speeds up the process of getting time-sensitive information into the hands of the officers who need it. By providing a centralized location for crime bulletins, virtual remote briefings, secure communication, and data mapping, Street Smart offers law enforcement agencies the key intelligence they need to focus on reducing and preventing crime.




Services Provided:

Application Development, Hosting Services