StreetLight Advanced Traffic Counts

By StreetLight Data Inc

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Access the industry’s deepest repository of validated transportation data -5+ Million miles of roadway covered -7+ Billion monthly trips processed -100s of data sources incorporated Select the best sites with the latest validated traffic counts covering the U.S. and Canada. StreetLight’s traffic counts help commercial real estate professionals, software platforms, advertisers, EV companies, and new mobility operators make critical location intelligence decisions based on recent data. -Traffic counts on 25+ million road segments covering 5+ million miles of roadway -Traffic counts by direction and VMT for any day of week or hour of day -Trip characteristics like traffic speed, distance, and more to prioritize locations -Historical demographics to understand potential customers -Bulk file or API delivery options to seamlessly integrate with your workstream


Electric & Gas, Entertainment & Leisure, Real Estate, Retail

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