Burlington, MA, United States


StreetScan is a premier data provider and analytics company serving smart cities’ transportation infrastructure needs. Our comprehensive suite of services, including infrastructure assessments and ADA Compliance surveys, coupled with our intuitive, GIS-based transportation asset management software, empowers municipalities to make well-informed decisions and embrace sustainable practices. Streetlogix software provides robust visualization and analytical tools, maximizing the use of collected assessment data to drive optimized budgets. This powerful toolset has enabled municipalities to create defensible data-driven Capital Improvement Plans while successfully justifying budgeting requests. The company continues to innovate, and recently received its first XenoTrack road lidar system from XenomatiX, a pioneer in true-solid-state lidar technology. With the adoption of the XenoTrack system, StreetScan is set to innovate road inspection practices. Leveraging state-of-the-art lidar technology, StreetScan can now conduct road assessments on a larger scale while simultaneously streamlining costs and minimizing inspection times. With a dedicated team of over 50 professionals spanning two countries, we are committed to ongoing expansion and growth. Our mission is to continue forging partnerships with new communities across North America, catalysing progress and innovation in the realm of transportation infrastructure.



The StreetScan Smart City Service Offering combines critical transportation infrastructure assessments with the leading industry pavement and asset management platform, saving our clients time and money. Our data collection vehicles, ScanCars and E-scooters, enable municipalities to extract and monitor critical assets such as sidewalks, streets, traffic signage, pavement markings, and other transportation infrastructure assets. The robust and highly customizable, AI and web-based GIS asset management platform, Streetlogix, has changed the landscape in the industry. Municipalities can now optimize their budget within a user-friendly GIS environment. The system provides objective information on the current state of their infrastructure and makes maintenance and repair recommendations, including prioritization of sidewalk projects. Using unparalleled data visualization and budget optimization tools, our clients have created defensible data-driven Capital Improvement Plans while successfully justifying their budgeting requests. Plus, our Work Order Module has helped municipalities go from inefficient in-house emailing systems and spreadsheets to an easy-to-use platform that allows users to effectively schedule, track, and manage all work orders at the office and in the field.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Implementation, System Integration