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Striveworks Sky Saber integrates machine learning models and geospatial imagery into analyst workflows. With an intuitive interface and rapidly customizable workflows, the toolkit allows an analyst to process imagery holdings on demand using customized computer vision models. Analysts can also request new imagery collection directly from the toolkit. The toolkit can connect to other imagery holdings and sensor feeds to extract insights directly and send them to downstream systems and workflows. Sky Saber is containerized and easily deployed to cloud or on-prem infrastructure. By leveraging machine learning models trained in the Striveworks Chariot MLOps platform, users can build and deploy highly tuned computer vision models to fulfill their analysis needs. The toolkit has out-of-the-box support for grabbing imagery from OGC-compliant imagery providers and other third-party geospatial platforms. It also allows users to send new imagery collection requests to Maxar’s Crow’s Nest service.

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