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geoCallout is an ArcGIS Desktop Add-In utility that produces smart callouts encompassing tabular data, with the custom leader-lines attached to respective map features. geoCallout is intuitive, easy to use and interfaces seamlessly to ArcMap, generating custom queries on active view’s selected map layer. This utility yields callouts which are color-coded, movable and resizable as result tables, featuring tailor-made styling and formatting options. geoCallout allows the users to select fields for rows and columns in interactive and exclusive fashion with various formatting options. geoCallout allows the users to change the color-scheme of individual result table to distinctively represent in map layout view. geoCallout also allows the users to save their selected options as configuration which can be used for future processing of smart callouts. GIS analysts and specialists embrace this utility which solves their frustration with standard ArcGIS toolset’s limitations. This utility makes them champion in their departments as they can generate smart callouts in custom map layouts. Some GIS specialists may utilize this tool for the generation of chem-boxes to represent their complex environmental data. geoCallout presents GIS specialists a powerful tool to provide a dynamic interface between the analytical and spatial data, giving control to the parameters of data and manner in which it is displayed on the map reports.


Aviation, Education, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Financial Services, GIS, Health & Human Services, Information Technology, Map, Chart & Data Production, Pipeline, Public Engineering, Public Works, Trucking & Distribution, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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