Surf to Snow ERM, Inc.

San Ramon, CA, United States


Surf to Snow Environmental Resource Management (S2S ERM) is a premier environmental consulting firm based on the west coast, with headquarters in California. We specialize in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), offering cutting-edge solutions that integrate technology and environmental science to support sustainable development and resource management. With a team of seasoned professionals, S2S ERM provides comprehensive GIS services that enhance decision-making processes for a variety of industries, including conservation, urban planning, agriculture, and infrastructure development. Our strategic location in California positions us perfectly to address the unique environmental challenges of the west coast, leveraging our local expertise to deliver tailored, impactful solutions. S2S ERM is committed to fostering partnerships that drive innovation and sustainability, and we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, which ensures that our clients receive personalized and effective service. Join us in our mission to create a sustainable future through advanced GIS technology and environmental stewardship.



At S2S, we offer a diverse array of GIS services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our core services include spatial analysis, visualization, remote sensing, geospatial data management, and the development of Field Maps and survey systems. Our data visualization services transform complex data into easy-to-understand maps and graphics, enhancing communication and stakeholder engagement. Through remote sensing, we acquire and analyze data from satellites and aerial imagery, providing critical insights for land use planning, environmental monitoring, and disaster response. We excel in creating custom Field Maps and Survey123 systems, which streamline field data collection and management processes. These systems allow real-time data capture and analysis, significantly improving operational efficiency. Our dashboards enhance this capability, offering clients an intuitive interface to monitor and analyze field data, for effective and decision-making. Our expertise extends to environmental impact assessments, habitat mapping, and natural resource management, where we apply GIS to identify, analyze, and mitigate environmental risks. We also offer customized GIS training and support. By partnering with S2S, organizations benefit from our deep understanding of the west coast’s environmental landscape and our commitment to sustainable development. Whether you are a public agency, private company, or NGO, S2S ERM is your trusted partner for all your GIS needs.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services