Synergetics Corporation

Bucuresti, Romania


Science of Cities. Advanced® - our focus is on urban planning and urban informatics, providing solutions that enable city executives to take data-informed decisions. Our mission has been to generate innovative tools tailored to the real needs of public authorities, but also to open new methodological dimensions on the use of urban geospatial data in territorial management, sectoral public policies and major investment projects. We believe that the approach to urban development is necessarily interdisciplinary, integrating experts in all areas of urban management. Synergetics Corporation integrates a core team of senior experts (project managers, urban planners, geomaticians and software developers) and a strong network of highly skilled professionals. We have been partnering with technology suppliers such as ESRI in order to ensure the implementation of Smart City projects in advanced phases. Starting from the process of acquisition and structuring of urban data during the elaboration of urban development masterplans, we have been developing complex software applications to support urban management on specific layers: cadaster - ParcelFabric®, urban planning – Accuplan®, green spaces management – GreenFabric®, waste management - WasteZero®, investments management - CityFabric ®, property and tax management - TaxZoner®, e-government platform - CitiViz®, GIS-centric IOT platform for multiple sensors - PublicFabric®.