Sysdeco Italia Srl

Roma, Italy


Sysdeco Italia, with a twenty-year experience in GIS field, contributed to realize important projects for the territory computerization of the country. Among its customers there are the main Italian universities, small and big local administrations and the most prestigious sector's bodies. Sysdeco Italia took part in the computerization project of the Cadaster and then addressed its core business to the development of GIS applications integrated with the Remore Sensing. Sysdeco has been the first company to distribute in Italy IKONOS's satellite images and today it is one of the few companies who offers advice, products and services at 360° in the Mapping market. The companies represented by Sysdeco are: Astrium, e-Geos, ESRI Italia, LizardTech, Opti-Time, PCI Geomatics, QCoherent and Trimble