Tappy Technology

Commerce Township, MI, United States


Tappy Guide is a smart city technology that helps cities, it's infrastructures, businesses and transportation systems become smarter for people with disabilities. Transportation is defined as the movement of people and goods from Point A to Point B. But, how does an individual with a disability navigate to, or even identify Point A? What happens to them after arriving close to Point B if their mode of transportation does not complete their journey? One of mobility’s toughest challenges for an individual with a disability is providing a safe and simple solution to the First Mile/Last Mile navigation problem. Riders with a disability struggle to travel this short distance to or from a transit stop and points of interest because of physical or other limitations. Tappy Guide mobile application, provides navigation to help locate and identify pick-up/ and drop-off locations, and building entrances and exits. The user-friendly technology eliminates the First Mile/Last Mile navigation problem such as true, point-to-point, demand-response service.