Tel Aviv, Israel


Tasq.ai is an innovative startup with cutting edge technology specializing in human guidance and data labeling at mass scale. Our platform brings a unique combination of - Crowd + Models and as a result we are making AI flows more efficient and cost-effective. Our services include: Computer vision, documents, text, audio, data enrichment, validation and fine tuning of models.



We offer 2 services: 1. Data Validation for Improving & Tuning ML Model Accuracy model tuning- Checking the accuracy of the labeled datasets is often examined twice: prior to training the Machine Learning model in order to validate that the model will be trained on high quality annotations and the post model results in order to validate if the model predicted correctly. With Tasq.ai service Human-in-the-loop review to validate the quality of the datasets pre and post model which is essential for almost every AI development. Most of the time, you’d just need a quick glance and verdict from a human (or several, to create higher confidence scores) to validate that the data is annotated accurately. Tasq.ai can generate millions of human validations faster and more cost effectively than any other solution and can be deployed seamlessly in the production process of your AI developments. 2. Data labeling - Computer Vision Tasq.ai's unique computer vision solutions for the creation of high quality datasets for machine learning, enable the process of data labeling at ease. With Tasq.ai, your computer vision applications will recognize and identify objects at unmatched speed, improving your models’ predictions and confidence levels.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, System Integration