TCarta Marine LLC

Denver, CO, United States


TCarta is a marine remote sensing and hydrospatial content and service provider. Specialized in satellite-based services, TCarta provides remotely-produced, GIS-ready, off-the-shelf data products, custom project consultancy and software products for coastal marine environments, inland lakes and water bodies. Using both publicly-available imagery source and the highest precision commercial providers, TCarta employs cloud computing, machine learning and physics-based remote sensing algorithms to produce actionable information and insights into hard-to-access coastal locations. TCarta is a global leader and innovator in Satellite Derived Bathymetry, a method to survey seabed and lakebeds remotely using multispectral satellite imagery and space-based LiDAR systems. TCarta’s Trident Tools Geoprocessing Toolbox is integrated with ArcPro and offers users the capability to produce their own Satellite Derived Bathymetry from any multispectral satellite image and use a variety of tools to process, assess and catalog Satellite Derived Bathymetry within the Esri software suite. Using cloud computing and machine learning, satellite based water quality and clarity monitoring services provide users with remote monitoring of sites; seafloor classification and benthic habitat mapping provides supplemental seafloor information and detection of habitat changes.