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Realtors need to locate property lines day in and day out, and clients invariably want to “see” the boundaries of the property at hand. BoundARyViewer is an innovative, easy way to see those property lines through the magic of Augmented Reality (AR)! We’ve all seen the computer generated “first down lines” in televised football games… BoundARyViewer uses this same technology to project publically available property boundaries into your smartphone camera view. Simply open the app and point your camera!! BoundARyViewer seamlessly accesses GIS (Geographic Information System) databases for property line information , and then presents this information on both traditional street map and satellite views, and in 3D through your smartphone camera based upon GPS location and device orientation . You can “follow the line” within the display to walk the property boundaries, or simply get a feel for the layout by panning the camera from a single location. From a vehicle one can see where frontage boundaries are on a drive-by, both for the property at hand and others in the neighborhood. BoundARyViewer provides a fun and functional means to better understand property boundaries that simplifies the Realtor’s job, and enhances the customer experience.


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