MG AEC ArcGIS Site Selection and Analysis for Architecture

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Combining design, engineering and construction data with real time GIS data is a critical part of high-quality, fully functional Architectural project outcomes. MG leads the AEC industry in successfully bringing together these formerly diverse areas of technology, programming and data into an informative solution. MG has partnered with GIS technology industry leader, Esri and AEC Design and Engineering technology industry leader, Autodesk to create groundbreaking Site Selection and Analysis project solutions for the Architectural sector. MG works with leading Architectural firms, large and small across the US. We provide solutions and the services for: Location analysis including - site factors such as flood plains, soils, utility location, demographics, code and setback data and more. Virtual GISP services Business and demographic data analysis. BIM-to-GIS solutions. CAD and Revit file conversions. MG is a subsidiary of D3 Technologies. Office locations include Denver (Headquarters), Chicago, Madison , Milwaukee, Spokane. We look forward to discussing with your firm how you can benefit our groundbreaking GIS to CAD/BIM technologies.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Community Development, Defense

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