TEAM International

Medellin, Colombia


We're a global IT consulting company and a software development service provider who helps organizations operate at their best. TEAM combines technology expertise, valuable insights, business intelligence, and a client-centered approach to address challenges in business operations, digital transformation, risk management, compliance, business continuity, and more.



Our core GIS services include: 1) ArcGIS Enterprise Architecture, Deployment & Administration (mapping & visualization, monitoring, decision support, data management & analytics) 2) Advanced Geo AI & Predictive Services (data management, analytics, mapping & visualization) 3) Dynamic Route Optimization Services (mapping & visualizations, monitoring, decision support, field mobility) 4) Enterprise API & Integration Services (data management, decision support, mapping & visualization) 5) ArcGIS Cloud Migrations and Adminisration (All of the 9 pattens of use)

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Hosting Services, Needs and Requirements, System Integration