TeamDev Srl

Perugia, Italy


TeamDev s.r.l. deals with all problems and techniques relatives to the development of innovative applications, above all those based on Esri and Microsoft technology, and it works in European and national field both for development sector and training. By means of his business units (Development, GIS, Web Agency) it is able to satisfy both the demands of the companies and professionals in IT field, the demands of Public Administration, and the demands of companies that must make technic and innovation choices for their business. TeamDev has gained experience on small business applications, enterprise and public bodies and in particular in the following fields: - Implementation of multichannel applications (web, client, mobile) - Geographic Information Systems based on all Esri technology (Cloud, Server, Desktop, Mobile) - Web portals and web-based applications - Development of apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 - Design, optimization and administration of Sql Server (from 6.5 version to the current Sql Server 2005 and Sql Server 2008) - Implementation of components and application frameworks in .Net for windows, web and mobile applications. - High professional training for programmers and GIS specialists