Teamwire GmbH

München, BY, Germany


With the secure enterprise messaging app of the same name, Teamwire GmbH has specialized in simple and fast mobile communication via chat and voice messaging as well as video conferences. The German company helps companies, public authorities and blue light organizations to improve the productivity and results of the mobile collaboration. With innovative features and high usability tailored to the use cases of companies with a mobile workforce, Teamwire goes far beyond the offerings of normal messengers or collaboration tools and supports all application areas of operational communication. Examples of this are professional group chats, distribution lists, crisis communication features, live locations, etc. Especially the georeferencing features of Teamwire are unique and integrate ArcGIS maps for more better coordination as well as map editing for points of interest. As a result, with Teamwire organizations are able to collaborate together more efficiently and effectively, and overall achieve higher success rates in operations. The enterprise messaging app thereby ensures professional administration as well as the highest security and data protection requirements (including full encryption and GDPR compliance). Teamwire can be hosted in the cloud as well as on-premise for organizations with up to 200,000 users. Leading companies trust Teamwire, including the German federal police, the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Dataport and Vodafone.



All kind of technical support and professional services around the secure mobile collaboration app.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Hosting Services, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration