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TEKLABZ Schematics Generator is a solution for the telecom network relationships representations used by the different departments. Schematics Generator allows you to better manage and visualize virtually or linear physical and logical networks. With Schematics Generator, any kind of telco network can be represented. Using Schematics Generator, you can quickly check network connectivity, understand network architecture, speed up the decision cycle by presenting synthetic and focused views of the network. With TEKLABZ Schematics Generator, you can: - Automatically generate schematics from complex networks. - Apply Telco specific layouts to minimize manual editing and better elements arrangement. - Manage schematic diagrams Geo-scale. - Archive generated diagrams automatically. - Transition of save diagrams from Design phase to As-Built. - Prepare and Print schematic diagrams designs using pre-defined templates. TEKLABZ Schematics Generator is an integrated component built on top of ESRI ArcGIS Schematics extension which provides users with a way to automatically create schematic diagrams from network data stored in Ericsson Network Engineer database. TEKLABZ ArcGIS Schematics Generator allows you to generate the following type of diagrams: 1. Conduit System: This diagram shows automatically generated Geo-schematic layout for selected set of the infrastructure network. 2. Conduit System with Cable: Similar to Conduit System involving cables passing ducts. 3. Site Connectivity: Low level network connectivity layout down to port/strand level between equipment, cables and splice closures within a selected area.



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