Telco Network Manager (TNM)

By Technology Labs for Software Industry

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The Next-Generation SaaS Esri based PNI Software for Telcos. TNM CAPABILITIES - Manage telco network assets and its connectivity details within a map (GIS) through a comprehensive data model & a highly intuitive bilingual web-based platform for telcos network planning and engineering. - Advance tools and functionalities to faster build networks, better network designs and infrastructure management. - Allows telcos to monitor their network in real-time, identify bottlenecks or issues, and optimize their operations accordingly. - Helps telcos make informed decisions, enhance network performance, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately streamline their operations. - Give users the power to access and share analytical network data across organization departments and systems in a convenient, user-friendly, all-in-one platform. - A Cost-effective solution for customers looking to replace existing PNI based on the need in a SaaS model. - Built by an ESRI & Ericsson trusted preferred Technology and Implementation Partner with proven historical record leverag ing ESRI technology – a fully integrated solution with ArcGIS enterprise. TNM TARGETED USERS - Category I: Legacy PNI Product Customers & (Tier 1-2) Telecom Operators - Category II: Service Providers (Tier 3-5), Utilities & Non-Telcos (Governmental Bodies) - Category III: Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) firms TNM LICENSING, USER TYPES & DEPLOYMENT - Term Licensing (subscription based plan) Cloud or On-Prem. - Compatible Esri Named User types (Viewer, Editor, Mobile, etc.). - Add-on licenses for experience based functions (e.g., automated designs, Schematics, etc.).



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