Command and Control Room 360 (CCR360)

By Tensing International B.V.

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The intelligent GIS for emergency rooms At Tensing, we believe the Esri ArcGIS platform is the best choice to meet your organization’s GIS needs, and Tensing CCR360 is a new generation of emergency room software that incorporates all of the advantages that a modern geo-platform can offer. CCR360 is a versatile, modular geographical information system for both public and privately-owned emergency rooms. An intelligent, state-of-the-art GIS solution based on the latest Esri ArcGIS platform that provides emergency rooms with all the required operational information when they need it. Almost all data used in command and control environments has some form of location connected to it, which makes a GIS-based solution an integral part of the organization’s information architecture. Tensing’s CCR360 solution offers a seamless extension of the emergency room software already in use, with the map as the central user interface element. Managing locations, vehicles and incidents becomes much easier and effective when leveraging the power of location. Functionality previously not feasible becomes available instantly with CCR360. CCR360 connects the emergency room back-end software with vehicles and personnel in the field via the map-centered CCR360 Workstation software. With the map, users can easily visualize data in its more familiar geographic context. Interpreting situations, working together and making better decisions when under pressure becomes much easier when using CCR360. It helps save lives by optimizing the capabilities of the emergency room staff, various systems and data. In addition, the Esri platform serves as a solid foundation for all future geo-related applications and data. Our vision is that the CCR360 solution is one of many applications running on the ArcGIS geo-platform as part of a collaborative effort to help organizations provide better safety and security.


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