Teralytics Inc

Sacramento, CA, United States


Your Partner for the Mobility Digital Twin​ ​​Teralytics provides advanced insights on human mobility based on cutting-edge data science, machine learning algorithms, and deep technology, capturing billions of signals daily from mobile devices, cell towers, and other unique sources. ​ We work with leading telecom companies and data partners around the globe to capture anonymized information about people’s geographic locations, movement habits, and demographics. ​ Our insights are accessed through a high-powered web-based platform for uncovering system inefficiencies and recommending insightful solutions.​ Hundreds of transportation agencies in North America and Europe use our platform. Since 2012, planners and engineers have relied on Teralytics’s expertise to provide a rich understanding of human movement. We develop solutions that are fully integrated into the workflows of these agencies, carry out detailed analyses for a data-driven understanding of human movement, and provide the tools to design and operate improved mobility systems. ​



TRANSPORTATION PLANNING AND OPERATIONS - Nationwide volume and pattern data for the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden - Data-driven decisions on the location and design of new infrastructure and policies - Transit and Rail ridership, travel patterns, and service utilization to optimize transit routes, frequencies, and schedules. - Suitable data for sophisticated emission, noise, and energy consumption modeling and monitoring - Empowers out-of-the-box transportation modeling and forecasting - Support evidence-based evaluation of transportation policies and initiatives. Assess the impact of new bike lanes, EV charging, pedestrian infrastructure, or transit improvements. - Traffic Safety: design safety initiatives tailored to specific areas, ensuring that resources are allocated where needed most. - Demand management: Develop targeted measures such as congestion pricing, and parking management. OOH - nationwide provider of vehicle and pedestrian movements for use in audience measurement RETAIL - detailed understanding of vehicular movements on all road segments and intersections. - demographic profiles of travelers by location