TerraLoupe GmbH

München, BY, Germany


TerraLoupe is a young, innovative company based in Germany with worldwide access to imaging technology. They are competent in geo-informatics and machine learning with lots of international experience. They work at the innovative edge of technology together with their partners, to combine current research with real business applications. Products & Features: We Leverage State-of-the-Art Deep Learning Algorithms to Generate Novel Insights from Data. One of our success factors for high object recognition performance is TerraData. TerraData is a data set that consists of large amounts of high quality labeled data of different geographic regions, resolutions and object types. Leveraging this key resource of our applications, our algorithm can achieve superior performances on diverse datasets. Products include: - Roads - Buildings - Swimming Pools - Vegetation - Infrastructure



Automatic creation of geo content out of aerial imagery.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration