Stormwater Green Infrastructure BMP Asset Management

By Terraphase Engineering Inc

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Terraphase developed a GIS-based solution that provides the user an intuitive form and map-based interface to efficiently collect pertinent data. The ESRI field collection suite comprised of Collector, Survey123, and Workforce provided field inspectors with a mobile mapping solution to support work planning, field navigation, data entry with tailored forms by asset type, photo documentation, automated reporting, and field crew efficiency tracking. This solution is all built upon a comprehensive GI BMP Geodatabase that Terraphase constructed from various City of Lancaster sources. The data layers were quality checked, then imported into the master Geodatabase and assigned a standardized, unique BMP Asset ID to ensure data integrity and provide a concrete foundation for the smart collection system to operate. A one-to-many relationship was then established between the master GI BMP dataset and both the inspection and maintenance Survey123 tables which enables a seamless connection between the GI assets and their field records. The GIS solution allows for BMP inspections and work orders managed by a dispatcher dashboard which can then track the location and time required for inspections and work orders. Data validation measures were also put in place so that only pertinent data could be collected and required data were not missed.


Environmental Management, GIS, Geologic, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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