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By Tesla Government Inc, McLean VA

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Where Data Meets Context Clara Platform is designed to organize and curate your information in the context of your mission. Supplemented by custom GIS imagery, our interactive maps clarify & contextualize conditions on the ground for real-time event tracking & monitoring. • Easy-to-use, intuitive system gives you the big picture • Integrated GIS and information visualization show data connections and provide a new way to view information • Ask Clara—if our system doesn’t know the answer, our world-class researchers will find it and deliver it to you • Clara stores your data; our team organizes your information FLEXIBLE, ADAPTIVE PLATFORM • Sign on once to access *secure* integrated services and communication tools • Intuitive, flexible document management system that you control • Communicate and collaborate in a secure digital environment (chat and messaging) • Public (AWS) or private cloud hosting USER-DRIVEN PRODUCTS AND SUPPORT • Active outreach to understand your needs and build thriving communities • Dedicated, responsive customer support rapidly solves your problems • We listen to you and evolve to meet your needs through iterative process and software improvements • Our people are committed to the success of your mission and work as part of your team


Agriculture, Defense, GIS, Health & Human Services, Homeland Security, Humanitarian, Information Technology, Intelligence, Map, Chart & Data Production, Public Safety, Research Organizations

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