LinkIT - Dynamically Link GIS Features to Unstructured Documents

By Tessellations Inc.

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Tessellations announces the release of LinkIT™ Desktop 2.0 and LinkIT™ Server 1.0, an ArcMAP and ArcServer extension that helps you find your documents based on your GIS features and attributes. LinkIT™ uses information in your feature classes to find and link to documents using spatial intelligence. This extensions will help you retrieve documents that are stored in unstructured file shares as well as documents that are cataloged in document management systems. Use your map interface to find documents that are important to your spatial assets. - LinkIT™ works in a similar way to the ESRI hyperlink tool, where the user click a point or drag a box on the map (like Identify tool), and the tool presents the user with list of “related” documents for all features - The user can then pick a document and open it by double clicking it (similar to how one opens a document from Windows Explorer) - The “related” documents are based on a search key words that are stored in fields in the feature attribute table - LinkIT™ Server follows the ArcServer author, publish and user workflow.


GIS, Land Records, Petroleum, Pipeline, Public Safety

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