Textron Systems

Sterling, VA, United States


Textron Systems Geospatial Solutions delivers geospatial analysis software and multi-source intelligence solutions to national agencies, local governments, commercial GIS providers and military services. Our solutions enable analysts to integrate and leverage multiple intelligence sources to improve situational understanding and deliver actionable intelligence. The Feature Analyst™ and LIDAR Analyst™ extensions for ArcGIS Desktop are proven market leaders in the domain of feature extraction, helping GIS analysts unlock the value of satellite imagery and LIDAR point cloud data. Our new Feature Analyst Pro and Lidar Analyst Pro add-ins for ArcGIS Pro allow users to extend their extraction routines in the ArcGIS Pro environment. RemoteView™ Pro software is a preferred solution used for import, viewing, analysis, and reporting of satellite remote sensing imagery.



Our solution consultants are experienced industry professionals with deep domain expertise in imagery exploitation and geospatial analysis. We work with each client in a collaborative discovery process to understand their operational, analytical and mission specific challenges. We then develop and implement optimization strategies based on our clients' specific needs. Our tailored solutions enable our clients to integrate people, process and technology to optimize efficiency and operations.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, System Integration, Training Services