The Sanborn Map Company

Colorado Springs, CO, United States


In business and continual operation since 1866, Sanborn is a geospatial solutions company that specializes in providing a broad range of geographic information products and services to government agencies and commercial organizations throughout the United States and abroad. Our offerings include aerial imagery acquisition and processing – vertical and oblique, UAV/UAS capability, digital orthophotography, satellite imagery, airborne and terrestrial lidar acquisition and processing, planimetric and topographic mapping, remote sensing analysis, 3D infrastructure modeling, GPS surveys and field data collection, parcel and facility mapping, utility mapping, corridor mapping, GIS consulting and training, and GeoIT support, including cloud-based hosting and data deployment solutions. Sanborn is experienced in and equipped to perform city, county, state and national level imagery, lidar and photogrammetric mapping programs. Our resources include a wholly-owned fleet of aircraft, vehicles, and sensor systems, as well as a world-class IT infrastructure and the software needed to produce and quality control data for use in any mainstream GIS or CAD system. Sanborn’s staff of over 130 technical and management professionals operate from three offices in the United States, and are capable of supporting virtually any mapping requirement. Sanborn is an ISO 9001:2015-certified contractor.