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Augmented / Mixed reality holographic GIS tool Collaborate, gather together even remotely and walk over the terrain for a better decision taking workflow. HolosGIS is an Augmented Reality App for Microsoft’s Hololens2 (soon on iPad and NREAL too). HoloGIS lets you host conferences with up to 20 contributors located in the same room or remotely. All sharing the same geographical information (arcgis GIS layers), BIM (Building Information Modeling) with Revit, 3D assets and deployed IoT resources (GPS, Drones, Sensors, Point Cloud Scans and mobile Users). Use cases: Smart Cities Management, Urban Planning, Maintenance, Situation Base Camps, Emergency and Control Rooms, Response Plannings, Simulations and Personnel Training, with stored or real-time data. Third Party Development API for Integrations with Simulators (Wildfires, Chemical Explosions, Gas leaks, Floods, etc …)


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Community Development, Environmental Management, GIS, Map, Chart & Data Production, Public Works

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