Traffic Camera Video API

By TrafficLand, Inc.

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TrafficLand is the largest authorized integrator and aggregator of roadway cameras in the U.S. with a global network of 35,000+ traffic cameras. TrafficLand offers access to real-time video, through a JSON API designed for integration in a wide range of platforms and applications for public agencies, media, connected vehicles, transportation logistics, and other markets. TrafficLand delivers its video and data services service through a Class IV datacenter augmented with cloud services operating patented video management and distribution software. TrafficLand content includes traffic camera video and associated geo-located metadata for each camera, authorized for re-distribution by the more than 60 state, local and other camera system operators. The API can be queried by state, city, lat/long, zip code, etc. Video is currently available from 200+ markets and 25 countries, including 48 of the top 50 MSAs in the U.S. The API service is currently available in updating JPEG video (as fast as 1 frame every 2 seconds). The company is targeting 1Q 2019 for launch of a new streaming video API. The new streaming video API offers 192k streams, 15 FPS, H.264. The company has worked with DOTs for 15+ years and has its equipment installed at many DOT facilities, allowing access to source video, which enable enterprise class services for visual verification and analytics-based applications that depend on real-time access for analysis of traffic, weather and other roadway conditions.


Homeland Security, Information Technology, Map, Chart & Data Production, Media, Public Safety, Trucking & Distribution

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