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By Trimble, Inc.

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Because reliable, accurate, efficient and transparent land records promote and sustain healthy and prosperous real property and mortgage markets, Trimble has developed a full suite of e-government software to automate and integrate land registries and cadastral mapping known as landfolio®. Trimble landfolio® is a multi-lingual and easily configurable property information management system utilizing “best practices” registration procedures while integrating with local registration customs and processes. In addition to e-government software solutions, Trimble offers the expertise and knowledge transfer required by governments to build complete e-government environments including: legal and regulatory frameworks that protect and promote land ownership; design of comprehensive land records management strategies; management of multi-tiered lifecycle projects and deployment of international best practices. Because data is such a crucial component of land records management and land administration, Trimble has significant experience in all aspects of cadastral mapping (including field data collection, tools and post-processing), GIS technologies, database design and administration, document imaging and management and web portal implementation/data dissemination.


Agriculture, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Defense, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Forestry, GIS, Highways & Roads, Humanitarian, Land Records, Pipeline, Public Engineering, Public Safety, Public Works, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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