Riga, Latvia


TROIA has been a well-known and reliable partner for customers seeking enterprise asset management solutions for the past 20 years. Our headquarters are located in Slovenia, and we provide services to clients across Europe. From our office in Riga, Latvia, we support clients in the Baltic countries. With our enterprise solutions, we support clients from different industries: energy and resource management, public sector, banking, manufacturing and trade, pharmacy, and transportation. The majority of our clients come from the energy sector: electricity and gas transmission, electricity and gas distribution, etc. All completed projects involve multiple connections and integrations with various IT systems, including SCADA, ERP, GIS, and others. We have extensive experience in digital transformation, assisting clients in optimizing business processes and transitioning them to a digital environment. This facilitates a seamless shift from paper documents to digital certification, notifications, or task completion, streamlining day-to-day business operations for our clients.