UAM Geomatics, Inc.

West Mclean, VA, United States


UAM Geomatics is a world leader in the advancement of Advanced Air Mobility, providing clients and subscribers with crucial geospatial and economic data to support the development of AAM. UAM Geomatics has compiled data for 84 cities worldwide, including 35+ layers of mapping information and thorough economic analysis, and has been hired to perform specific studies by clients from public and private sector; these include aircraft manufacturers, various levels of government, and agencies such as NASA. UAM Geomatics employs Esri’s ArcGIS applications for a variety of purposes, including the storage and presentation of its proprietary geospatial datasets using ArcGIS Online and web applications and dashboards. UAM Geomatics also seeks to provide the capability to begin designing airspace above cities to accommodate low-flying, Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft using its datasets and tools developed in ArcGIS Pro. Through partnership with Esri, UAM Geomatics will continue to improve its ability to support the development of AAM through geospatial information and tools.