Uncharted Software Inc.

Toronto, ON, Canada


Uncharted Software is a leading provider of innovative business visualization software solutions for federal government agencies and Fortune 500 and third-party software companies. The company collaborates with industry-leading partners and customers on tough problems and develops new ways to generate business value. Making new technologies work in business requires a creative, solution-based approach. Appropriate visual artifacts have profound effect on people's abilities to explore large amounts of data, assimilate information and understand it, and create new knowledge. GeoTime provides, Efficient Insight into Behaviors in Time and Space



With a wealth of experience and knowledge in visualizing and understanding large, complex data sets, Uncharted provides a variety of data analysis services tailored to your project’s needs. We provide comprehensive data analysis services, from data validation to the creation of presentation materials. Our cross functional analysis team brings experience from a variety of domains and specialities, including GIS, temporal and link data, as well as reporting and presentation. Uncharted Data Analysis Services can be leveraged for projects of any size, from analysis of a single Excel file to terabytes of complex link information. For more information on pricing and scoping for Uncharted Data Analysis Services, please contact us at info@uncharted.software

Services Provided:

Application Development, GIS Strategy and Planning, Training Services