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u-KBS is an integrated software that uses both spatial and non-spatial data in entirely relational databases designed for providing information management needs of local governments over one single environment. The software is a comprehensive desktop package including CRM, ERP and GIS in one integrated system. Enterprise staff can access spatial data from screens containing location data and use the geographical data for: •Thematic analysis, •Buffer zone analysis, •Registration/Plot/Building/Business Premises/Scope of Activity query, •Plot and Building analysis, •Assigning separate profile/layer for each transaction screen, •Basic measurement actions, The following modules are included: •CRM •Social Aid Tracking •BPM and Planning •City Guide and zoning information •Address System Integration •Revenue Increasing Activities •Parcel Information •Expenditure contribution calculation.


Community Development, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, GIS, Public Engineering, Public Works, Real Estate, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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