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In fall 2005 Universal Information Technologies decided to develop software that meets the municipal and local government needs. In a two year period software was built over ESRI technology ArcEngine Runtime. UniGIS is not only a GIS software but a software that also includes CAD functionalities. Using CAD capabilities makes the software capable of responding to the mapping industry in the Local Government/Municipalities in Turkey who preferred CAD systems. Maps created by using UniGIS are fully compatible with GIS applications and any analysis can be performed with those maps. The ability to use both spatial and non spatial data in entirely relational databases and the flexible and open system makes the software a perfect choice for a developing municipality. The interoperability properties and high speed data production with low cost CAD and GIS tools has added to the value of UniGIS and is used now by several agencies in Turkey for projects on daily basis. The software also has both national and international rich symbology support. The basemap and civil engineering transactions like, Profile and section drawings and volume calculations makes the software a perfect software for civil engineers who would like to have estimates of earth works, besides spatial analysis tools. It also includes the planning menu which includes tools that an urban designer needs for the urban design and zoning starting from planning parameter entry tools. The software is built over ESRI ArcGIS Engine runtime (9.x) using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C# language on a windows application platform with ArcGIS Server Support. It complies with national and international standards. The current version of UniGIS is in Turkish but the next version of the software provides English support too.


Community Development, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, GIS, Public Engineering, Public Works, Real Estate, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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