Unknot.id, Inc.

Orlando, FL, United States


Founded by visionary leaders, scientists, & entrepreneurs, Unknot.id opened the doors in 2020 with the funding from NSF and DoD. Unknot.id brings a first-of-its-kind contextual behavioral intelligence platform to analyze a broad range of noisy signals from multi-modal mobile sensors in conjunction with other available data sources, through its innovative and patented AI algorithms, to create a highly accurate and secure, 360-degree view of human behavior. Using advanced, artificially intelligent machine-learning algorithms, Unknot.id simplifies the way companies can collect data, by leveraging smartphones and other mobile type devices. Unknot.id exploits the sensors in smartphones to precisely locate humans and assets in highly challenging and complex environments with only sub-meter errors. Unknot.id is currently leveraging smartphone sensors to trace users anywhere, including the ability to visualize their location inside buildings. Although the company is currently focused on the GPS-denied or degraded navigation market, Unknot.id intends to expand to work with other customers to provide an alternative low-cost way of tracking humans and assets for a plethora of current and future industry use cases. Another benefit of Unknot.id’s technology is its ability to learn how humans interact with physical objects and predict future behavior, creating additional opportunities for commercial applications in hospitality, health care and other industry verticals.