Asheville, NC, United States


Urban3 is a consulting firm specializing in land value economics, property tax analysis, and community design. Our approach bridges the gap between econometric analysis, public policy, and urban design. Urban3’s analytical tools provide an in-depth understanding of the built environment by measuring data and visualizing the results. Our metadata techniques and analytic methods provide a unique and practical perspective on urban economics. These analytics empower our clients with the ability to promote development patterns that secure a community’s fiscal condition while reinforcing a strong sense of place.



Land Use Revenue Productivity Model – Land value productivity metrics identifying the fiscal performance of a property normalized in an “apples to apples” manner within the study area. Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Analysis – Comparison of existing and future transit development to show the impact on property value and real estate development. Revenue Forecasting – Historical property tax data is analyzed to develop revenue projections that estimate tax gain from future development. Infrastructure Cost: Return on Investment (ROI) – Infrastructure costs are measured against tax revenue to illustrate the development types that contribute or drain tax dollars. Regional Analysis – Variations in real estate valuations are analyzed to identify the economic impact of land use decisions and development patterns. Redlining Analysis - Show the impacts of racist redlining policies on a community that persist to this day. Equity in Assessment Analysis - Understand discrepancies in property tax assessment in a community and how certain neighborhoods or populations may be disproportionally impacted.

Services Provided:

Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation