Rome, Italy


UrbyetOrbit is an Italian innovative startup born in July 2015. Founded with the goal of enhancing the use of geographical and satellite information through the development of property protection services. The startup was launched with the first award of a grant of € 350,000 from the Ministry of Economic Development INVITALIA and a second grant of € 25,000 from Telecom SpA for a supplementary development of the project (TIM#WCUP Prize). Furthermore, Telecom SpA included the startup within their national suppliers' registry, fact, that allows us to access their Italian commercial network. In 2016 UrbyetOrbit have benefited from a Pre Incubation Program, accessing, then in 2017, to the Business Incubation Program issued by ESA BIC Lazio. With the ESA-BIC program, we intend to develop innovative research related to the use of Interferometry SAR images and Sentinel-1 A/B for the implementation of the Change Detection algorithms in urban areas. The main goal is to identify volumetric changes in the real estate assets and to implement strategic analysis with technical planning and cadastral data. We are currently working on a set of beta services concerning Change Detection and Field Data Collection to be tested by Public Administration and private sector.



Our offer is divided into 5 territorial services: 1. Automatic digitization of cadastral parcels (from Cadastre Registry). 2. ESA-Sentinel 2 satellite-based mapping with on-demand updates. 3. The calculation of land conversion indices, and the market value of the property through the use of our algorithm. 4. The notification (alert) of changes to land and real estate managers. 5. Field-based applications for field information management.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, System Integration