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MasterPlan provides actionable insights to your asset management plan in one easy data layer. Trained on five years of leaks discovered by Utilis, the new algorithm assesses the deficiency of an entire pipe system using multiple SAR images instead of one. The trained algorithm then scores pipe segments exhibiting non-surfacing leaks detected in one or more image, as well as considers leak location clusters within them. This is artfully combined into a single GIS data output of pipes scored from one (no deficiency observed) to five (high deficiency observed) for easy input into any GIS system or asset planning model. Compatible with all GIS and GIS-based asset planning model software, MasterPlan provides utilities and engineers with insight into actual pipe condition. Combining this with attribute data such pipe age, material, and work orders from surfacing leaks, it adds further refinement to pipe replacement planning models or water system master plans. Providing unique insights not available from anyone but Utilis, MasterPlan is an actual (not predictive) measurement of non-surfacing pipe leaks. It is pipe material and size agnostic and collected non-invasively by a satellite with wide coverage, often imaging a full system instantaneously.


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