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Leak detection technologies have not changed much in the last eighty years. They continue to be costly and relatively inefficient as companies around the world struggle to find leaks and conserve scarce resources. Often they consist of a blind survey, without the ability to target or prioritize where to look. Because of that, many agencies don’t fix a leak until it is visible and reported by customers. The Utilis leak detection product uses satellite images that cover large areas (each covers approximately 3,500 sq. km, depending on satellite). Specifically, they use only satellites with L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sensors on board. This is because of SAR’s day/night, cloudy/clear, capability along with the L-band signal’s ability to penetrate the first few meters of earth. Using a patented algorithm, Utilis can filter out the signature of drinking water and provide these points of interest (POI) to the customer. The POIs are displayed in Esri and direct the utility’s own (or contracted) field crew to the areas to search and pinpoint the previously undetected leak. This innovative technology has been adapted from the search for water on other planets, underscoring its high reliability and outstanding capability here on Earth. Utilis offers a fresh approach which provides a non-invasive method to the problem of urban water leakage. When compared with other leak detection methodologies, satellite-based leak detection will identify more leaks per day. Benefits *No equipment required, no upfront investment. *Significant reduction in field labor effort...3.8 leaks found per crew day (typical) vs. 1.3 found with traditional methods! *The entire system is surveyed as often as bi-weekly. *Leaks can be targeted before surfacing, reducing potential damage. *Significant reduction of NRW...resulting in 2400 million gallons saved per year! *Unaffected by weather and time of day. *Provides a good solution for large water networks...200 projects completed since 2017!


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