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By Velosimo Inc

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With the Velosimo off-the-shelf integration for Accela to ArcGIS two-way communication between Accela and GIS becomes easy to implement and use. With pre-defined flows Velosimo provides additional GIS capabilities to Accela users. Accela to ArcGIS Connector Automate interoperability between Accela and ArcGIS From any Accela event, take the Accela address and create a GIS point in a defined target layer From any Accela event, take the Accela Parcel and copy the parcel geometry into a defined target layer. Run spatial analysis queries that validate or return data to Accela at any point in the business process. Easily generate your the list of properties that should be notified of upcoming projects using buffer analysis flows. The list of parcels to be notified is uploaded to Accela Documents as a CSV file. Supports Accela On-Premise and Cloud


Community Development, Education, GIS, Information Technology, Public Engineering, Public Works

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