Versatil BPI Inc

Gatineau, QC, Canada


Our mission is to provide our clients with value-added Business Intelligence and Performance Management consulting services and solutions to help them achieve higher levels of business performance by giving them trusted and meaningful information required for better decision making. Our team of professionals knows and understands the challenges that business leaders are facing today as organizations have to deal with rapid change and limited resources. We are flexible, adaptable and capable of accomplishing the objectives we set forth with our clients. More importantly, we know how to turn data into meaningful business performance insight (BPI) so decisions makers can take informed action, improve business performance and increase client satisfaction.



Versatil BPI is a leading provider of Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Predictive Analytics and Location Analytics consulting services and solutions. Versatil BPI is solely focused on IBM Cognos Business Analytics products and has the in-house expertise on these products. Versatil BPI’s consultants have worked on different projects in both the private and public sector around IBM Cognos implementations and services. Some of Versatil BPI’s technical areas of expertise include ETL, reporting, dashboarding, scorecarding, analysis, planning, predictive modeling and location analytics. Versatil BPI is proud to be an IBM Advanced Business Partner and authorized reseller of IBM Business Analytics software in Canada, which further demonstrates the company’s in-house skills and ability to meet the requirements for the IBM Software Value Plus initiative. Versatil BPI is also proud to be business partners of Avnet and Esri Canada. Its partnership with Avnet focuses on IBM Cognos management software that facilitates the maintenance of IBM Cognos solutions, while its partnership with Esri focuses on bringing Location Analytics to the IBM Cognos Platform.

Services Provided:

Implementation, Training Services