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GEONIS Water builds on the GEONIS framework and fulfills the challenging requirements involved in planning, documenting and maintaining water supply networks. GEONIS Water offers numerous strengths and significant benefits: Automated functions ensure a fast and secure data entry and maintenance within water supply networks. In addition, the various views provide a complete overview of the condition of the network. The sophisticated planning concept is impressive, with numerous preconfigured representations based on the same database, thus saving time and preventing redundancies. A high-performance network trace is standard, enabling comprehensive data analyses and ensuring transparency. Numerous evaluations provide the ideal basis for maintaining water supply networks. Using the sophisticated reporting tool, accurate information can be called up whenever and wherever it is needed in the form of a report. Excellent integration is achieved with the ability to connect effortlessly to other systems, ensuring maximum flexibility in terms of data exchange. The optimal GIS solution can be compiled in a modular format and then supplied and integrated whenever and wherever it is needed – on a desktop, via a server, on the Internet, or as a mobile application for field service personnel. Therefore, one major advantage of GEONIS Water, as with every GEONIS solution, is that it can be customized or extended quickly, easily and without programming knowledge, to meet the individual needs of the customer.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Community Development, Electric & Gas, Forestry, Highways & Roads, Insurance, Manufacturing, Marine, Mining, Petroleum, Pipeline, Public Engineering, Public Works, Real Estate, Telco, Trucking & Distribution, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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