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ConnectMaster® Online is a HTML5 web application which is operated on a Web-server (MicrosoftTM IIS) as an extension module to ConnectMaster®. The Web-server and the ConnectMaster® database-server are connected within the customers company LAN. The ConnectMaster® Online WebApp provides access to the central ConnectMaster® network inventory database with any device running Web-Browser (mobile or desktop) to view geographical, schematic and tabular network data. Offering a lot of functionalities ConnectMaster® has the capability to support all main processes in companies which are operating telecommunication networks. In order to fulfil complex planning, documentation, analyzation or operational tasks the use of the full ConnectMaster® Windows-Client is a good choice. But looking at the needs of mobile teams not all available functionality is needed. Mostly only subsets of the data and specific analyzes are needed on-site in a quick and easy accessible way. This is the goal of the ConnectMaster® Online WebApp, to support field engineers, sales or technical project staff with the functionality and vital information on the telecommunication network they need to successfully fulfil their tasks.


Electric & Gas, Pipeline, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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