ConnectMaster (Server)

By VertiGIS GmbH

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ConnectMaster™ is a standard software solution for the management, planning, engineering, design, documentation and maintenance of communications networks and infrastructure. The solution provides an intuitive user interface, comprehensive functionality for network planning, engineering and design as well as highly flexible configuration and customization capabilities. With the high cost of telecommunications network infrastructure, it is important to invest in systems that will help manage it. ConnectMaster™ is a modular system that is delivered as a complete package with the individual modules activated via the license key. It consists of 3 Core and 7 Extension functional areas with several modules allowing customers to choose the configuration that suites and not pay for functionality they do not require. CORE: • Physical Network Inventory Management • Logical Network Services Management • Business Support Services Management EXTENSION: • Geographical Network View • Schematics Network View • Design and Engineering • Operations • Reporting • Integration • Administration


Electric & Gas, Pipeline, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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