Leon, Spain


Vexiza is a Geospatial and Location Data Specialist that commoditize the use of geospatial and location data, leveraging proven GIS models and mapping capabilities. CIOs, Engineers and Business leaders will be able to create digital services based on geospatial data to build new ways to use maps and location to achieve operational efficiency with real time and smarter decision making, create new income streams, a better service delivery to improve citizens and clients engagement, or reduce response times to any situation or emergency. Vexiza helps you extend your organization’s geospatial capabilities by initiating a GIS initiative, mapping essential locations, such as roads, forests or outdoor facilities and get weather forecasting through imagery and mapping modeling development, expanding also the use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Vexiza is formed by experts of the ICT sector with more than 20 years of experience and a high specialization in the development of applications, providing services based on GIS technologies, integrated in a team that covers different disciplines of engineering and earth sciences, including real time management of wildfires, solutions for traffic, mobility and maintenance of assets for traffic management and analysis of weather forecasting and its impact on the territory.