Leon, Spain


Vexiza is a company specialized in GIS technology, Cloud, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence that creates customized solutions that enable organizations to leverage the potential of location-based data. Our goal is to help companies working daily with complex and massive amounts of data to improve their decision-making and business operations through the use of geospatial intelligence. But to achieve this, we do much more than maps. GIS technology allows us to unleash the creativity within our cross-disciplinary team of industry experts in engineering, geospatial technology, and software development. Our UX-centered approach enables our customers to rely on powerful yet user-friendly platforms, regardless of the professional industry they work in. This includes areas such as emergency management, the environment, or traffic, among many others. This way, we have met the challenge of converting data from complex phenomena, such as meteorology or wildfires, into actionable insights that are easy to put into action in any scenario, even when quick reactions based on reliable information are needed.