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VISICOM is a global data provider of a wide range of digital mapping products. We produce high-quality geodata for needs of telecommunication market, transport management, logistics, LBS, geomarketing, navigation, etc. VISICOM products: 1. VECTOR MAPS FOR SPATIAL ANALYSYS Visicom vector data include many types of geographical datasets at the most popular scales and GIS formats. The data can be customized according to customer’s specific needs. Our production capabilities are not limited to any region 2. ELEVATION PRODUCTS Visicom portfolio includes digital elevation data for more than 50 countries. The elevation data can be produced for any territory over the world according to project accuracy requirements. We produce 3 types of elevation data: DTM, DSM and DHM. 3. 3D DATA FOR MANAGEMENT OF THE BUILT-UP AREAS Visicom produces digital 3D spatial models over the world. These data can be used to create realistic environment for the following tasks: • Environmental management • Urban planning • Transport management • Planning of utilities networks • Real estate marketing • Dealing with disaster: monitoring, management response, post-event assessment 4. DIGITAL MODELS FOR WIRELESS NETWORKS DESIGN We produce Regional models, 2D Urban models and 3D City models suitable for RF-planning and optimization for the following technologies: LTE, 3G/4G, WiMax, GSM, CDMA etc.


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