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Since 1975, Powel has served the needs of entrepreneurs, architects, consultants and municipalities to help manage their technical and daily operational work processes within Norwegian cities and towns. “"We wanted a product that could be integrated with other systems. Our solution will help to standardize and streamline ICT operations and improve the quality of systems and data for employees and residents."” A solid combination of in-depth knowledge and expertise within state-of-the-art geographical information systems (GIS) has resulted in 90 % of all Norwegian water- and drainage pipelines being documented in Powel Gemini software applications. Powel delivers systems within the "Gemini product family" for the administration of all types of construction units like mud tanks, water gauges, and other common components. Service related data is linked to services supplied to specific customers and managed within the Powel Melding service information software. In this way, customer service and customer notification can be automated using phone and text message services in the event of prolonged or planned supply disturbances. This eases the work of customer care representatives, operations, and others that need information for maintenance planning and construction. Powel Gemini solutions provide good support for mapping, planning and surveying departments, and plans are constructed according to Digital Plans, with simultaneous display possibilities in 3D.


Electric & Gas, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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