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Introduction: EGON DATA QUALITY, a leading GIS firm, specializes in mailing address validation and geolocation. Emerging from a seasoned partnership, EGON gained recognition in the Italian market and expanded globally. Core Offerings: Powered by Egon.com, EGON excels in address validation and geocoding. The Egon suite offers flexible solutions accessible on-premises or via the cloud. Specialization and Goals: Focused on web services for data validation, EGON aims to be a go-to provider for GIS solutions, emphasizing simplicity and reliability. Mission and Vision: EGON aspires to be a global leader in data validation, playing a key role in European and global markets. Passion and Skill: EGON's success lies in ambition, passion for GIS, and dedication to improving geocoding. Emphasizing simplicity, EGON offers advanced GIS services remotely. Conclusion: EGON DATA QUALITY is a leading GIS solutions provider, offering reliable services with global aspirations in geospatial data.



Egon Data Quality S.L. is a leading provider of data quality services, specializing in business data enhancement, with a focus on mailing address validation and geolocation. Rooted in a solid partnership, Egon has gained recognition in the Italian market and internationally. Egon's core services, offered through its flagship portal Egon.com, encompass address validation, personal data validation, geocoding, deduplication, and related solutions. The reference product, Egon, is a software solution with a sophisticated algorithm, available on-premises or via the web for seamless cloud access. With a specialized team of around 30 professionals and strategic collaborations, Egon emphasizes long-lasting cooperation with clients. The company is dedicated to becoming an international leader in data validation, aiming for excellence through innovative solutions and a commitment to customization. Egon's passion for addresses and maps has contributed to its success in geocoding. The company is devoted to constant improvement in data quality management, offering advanced solutions accessible remotely online. In summary, Egon Data Quality S.L. is a leader in data quality services, providing innovative and flexible solutions for businesses worldwide. Through its flagship product and a dedicated team, Egon supports clients in enhancing data quality, making informed decisions, and navigating the complexities of the business landscape.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Implementation, System Integration