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We have used our #1 proprietary Conflation software adjust.IT at companies like AltaGas, APA Group, Atmos Energy, Ausgrid, CableVision Altice, Chorus, Deutsche Telekom, Duke Energy, Ergon Energy, Essential Energy, Fortis BC, Gaz Réseau Distribution France, Helix Water, Manitoba Hydro, Piedmont Natural Gas, Water Corporation of WA and Xcel Energy to successfully adjust 400 million+ coordinates to-date. Key to our adjust.IT process is the ready availability of good control such as road centre lines, GPS, aerial photography, LIDAR or of course a quality land base (cadastre) to realign our customer’s networks. We have a Patent pending AU2020903075: “An Artificial Intelligence (AI) pattern matching system for automated cadastral epoch reference layer conflation” to dramatically improve automation, further.


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